It’s that day and I got you a card
to join the others in melancholy boxes
words unread in stagnant solitude
lines written in nervous hand
teardrop letters in rows of sorrow
and love expressed in prose

My eyes are gold in this light
hazel reflections of dawn’s rise
machine thrum of the morning
an echo of heartbeat lost
just photographs on the wall
raw reminders haunting each moment

I wrote in the card and pulled it
tight to my chest
a kiss to the envelope as if
sealing the emotions inside
with longing shook hands
and deep shuddering breath

I wrote in the card and thought
of your laugh and your smile
your body and your scent held
tight against my skin
in the afterglow of passion
and remembered warmth

It’s that day and I got you a card
filled it with words
pining and yearning
moth to deadly flame I fly
gladly to doom if called
to give to you those words