‘cross seas and fields of gentle dusk
I come to be in arms and kiss
If only should this love be must
My arrow flies and should it miss

I would forever be bereft
Yet in your love I should always lie
And ever be forever blessed
While singing name into the sky

I was but sorrowed and decant
Into a glass you saw
If only then you wished or drank
This hollow man once more

This love is pure and ever be
A wishful plea for your mercy

Sonnet #5

The stars themselves all lonely die
and as they do bring dark to sky
as in that grave I rest my head
your dream come true — if I be dead

And not to Ynys Afallach
where Brenin Arthur would come back
no Morgan waits to heal these wounds
no fey voices there to croon

Thus — in the dying of the light
Reflected in your cold blue eyes
Collapse into this rotted blight
Whence all your words proved to be lies

And if my leaving brings you peace
Then let this senseless breathing cease

Sonnet #4

Love’s memory of palest skin
and gaze of bluest eye
her beauty comes from deep within
to breast and face and thigh

Her smile one that lit the world
a candle in the dark
as she lay beside me curled
her voice sweet as the lark

Her kisses fall in gentle rain
upon my face and form
in my heart she still remains
her body soft and warm

Now though my heart be cleft in two
I dream still of her eyes so blue

Sonnet #3

When first seen, loveliness
Beheld that poise and grace
That rising tide of wonderment
When first I saw your face

That symmetry of motion
Your lithe and shapely frame
Brought my heart to find devotion
As to me you laid your claim

I have but these words to give
and sacred hallowed love
I have but this one life to give
but angels bear above

So my soul will e’er adore your own
Those seeds of love not fallow sown

Sonnet #2

Whence I saw her beauty fair
And fell so far into her eyes
Her whispered name became my prayer
As shuttered senses did arise

Her kiss as sweet as dew dropped spring
Her breast my heart does hold
Her body next to mine does bring
That pleasure never told

To see her walk passion carries
Her words an ardour lifts
My heart and soul her loving marries
With her gentle gifts

Though she be not now with me
I’d still be hers though lost at sea

Sonnet #1

My love’s eyes are cold steel blue
but her kiss more warm than spring sunlight
her breast as snowfall I must subdue
visage as such my heart takes flight

I’ve n’er seen such beauty walk
nor viewed a flower, been so entranced
her skin as pale as whitest chalk
my heart both lost and so enhanced

her voice a sweet song melody
her gaze a glimpse of God
In her arms, eternity
though I feel but flawed

yet I know this love forever fast
from this breath until the last