Accepting a life of impotent mediocrity
is now your path to desperation
a clinging to a passionless dullness
bereft of ardor or intensity
Life as reheated gruel without
flavour or spiritual sustenance
a life of do not offend with clothing or word
and the cold subjugation
of spying electric eyes
Existence mired in wistful regret
at might and could have been
of rare and mechanical motions
mimicking acts of love devoid
of desire and satisfaction
Circling the drain of second rate
and second best
life with one foot in the grave
of dull existence and ennui
Even my tumorous demise is more
appealing than that long decline
to regret and boredom and bitterness
Your own judge and jury
sentence handed down
in hollow lumps of an uninspired life
towards the lonely end that awaits


All of the heroes are gone now
Buried, ‘neath earthen mounds of fickle hacks
and short attention spans of web trained opinions
All of the heroes are dead now
Drowned in rising floods of public ineptitude
And vapid Instagram celebrity
All of the heroes are murdered now
Squandered words and none to read
So I’ll give you a soundbite
Because that’s what you want
Ten seconds or less
Are you ready?
Fuck you