The devil comes a’knocking, and I always answer the door
he got a bottle of tequila, and a promise on the floor
just trying to make ends meet, before I’m washed ashore
from the half empty bottle to the broken glass he always makes the pour

Train is coming in hollow, outside the fences I can run
head west in the shadow of the bottle, god help me what have I done
sleepin’ in the steel of the wagon, if I have done my sums
be in Nevada in days that are draggin’, steel wheels like the beating of a drum

I used to know a woman, took those devils away
now I’m drinking what I am cookin’, keepin’ the wolves at bay
pushing when I should be pullin’, should fall on my knees and pray
but there ain’t no gods a’watchin’, no doors in this hallway

Knocking on the door is getting louder, there’s a shape that I can’t see
callin’ me away from the tower, as the devils come for me
I’m tossing dice with the demons like a coward, under the dead ash tree
losing in the whiskey and the sours, devil has come for me

The devil has come for me
The devil has come for me

Inspired by that distinctly American blend of bluegrass, folk, country, blues, and rock. Chord structure is a very simple fingerpicked Am, Dm, G, Em. Sort out your own melody (I know how mind sounds)