Remember the passionate sheen of tangled limbs
showered kisses or shared shower
unison heartbeats and ragged breath
love-driven desire more potent
than the heart of a star
the taste of her still on my lips as we kiss
contact like current coursing in taut veins
flesh consumed with ardors devotion
fingers and mouths and great gasps of delight
a physical manifestation of adoration
Kiss me again!
taste each other on hungering lips
these are sacred moments and we
have become holy and divine


It’s pretty amazing.And you make me feel amazing. And I think I make you feel amazing. I’ve never had someone be so mindful of my pleasure. Very new

— You do. You make me feel so alive. Your pleasure is mine.


Her beauty shines with the light of a billion stars
a beacon haunting my dreams like a nova vision
her voice a remembrance of held-close moments
replete with soft kisses and passionate cries
now only held in memories embrace
Cerulean gaze of beckoned desire and tender touch
heartbeat drum still calls her name
a dream of silken skin and panted breath
unbidden still in mind and yearning soul and salt-run cheek
this was not for me some ordinary love
but the burning belief in the fate she described
in dulcet tone through perfect lips
Broken hearts break bodies and minds
yet still I would walk through the fires to once more
be one at peace with her entwined limbs
and the lulling sound of shared breath
Absence makes the longing stronger
with the silent sobs of unassuaged ache
passing days bring no relief in this winter palace
Her beauty shines with the light of a billion stars