I would plant you a garden of the pinkest roses
a place to sit in fragrant abandon with hands held tight
I would give to you those cards and letters
written in my messy hand with grace my guide
I would praise your beauty as I always did
in word both writ and spoke, in song, and in art
I would bring you breakfast in bed, with hot coffee
and some delight I made
I would hang on each word you said
as ever your listener with compassionate understanding
I would take your pain, as I always did
within my touch the healing hands you knew
I would show in a hundred little ways, with each new day
the esteem of love’s benevolent embrace
I would again bring you to the height of ecstasy such
as we only felt together
I would drum your name with every heartbeat
as I do still to this day
I would love you as the sun rises and as it sets
with the strength of the new day
I would love you in the tangle of limbs so well remembered
and the soft sweet kisses of passion
I would make my work your happiness and joy
in which I find my own, your smile my reward
I would love you to the end of my days
and I will, anyway


Come to me
with azure eyes of oceans wide
and we will go to the far ends of the earth
under sun and long white cloud
a tranquil solicitude of peace
Come to me
with shining smile of blessed lips
and we will go to the land of legend
on soft beach sand ‘neath towering peaks
serene attentiveness of calm
Come to me
with arms outstretched in welcome embrace
and we will go evermore to glistening green isles
gems of southern seas and gentle rains
where birdsong fills the morning air
Come to me
with heart in harmony, amity of accord
and we will go through all the fear
renew each day with sacred hush
repose in reverence of land and soul


I’m still in quite a bit of pain but managing to at least sit at the computer. There is a lot that will take time to come right as I heal from the surgery. And I’m making changes in my life. I’m not sure why this event hit home more than any others but it has. And I’ll take that for what it is worth and make the changes I have to make.