We could listen to old songs and watch movies in black and white
under blankets of dogs and caresses
the eager kisses of the moon bringing soft touched comfort
We could fly to stars and foreign skies in red shifted clothes
under gravity and Einstein’s equations
the tender touch of hands held in delighted warmth
We could fuck by firelight and firefly dance
under summer’s sweet slumber or winter’s chill
the subsistence of love in a growing world
We could be in love in this magic earth — shades of blue and grey
under the duress of affection and trust
some careless declaration of love
We could give in to lust and love and the screaming unholiness
under sheets of lonely division
and we should
we should
we should


Walk with me in the crisp morning air
hands clasped and gentle smile
along creek and canal as the sun rises bright
misted mystery in the dawning day

Kiss me with tender lips and laughter
steady gaze and quickened heart
under the hooded eyes of a watchful moon
bearing witness to star-shone sentiment

Hear me while I whisper words for you
serenity in delicate song
then the enchantment of snug silence
enriching glance of devoted affection

Sleep with me in linen sheets
twined limbs and easy dreams
in the stillness of the darkest hours
wake softly in love’s embrace