I love with savage tenderness
unbridled passion that envelopes my being
in flame and commitment
I am on fire with love still

My love is the kiss of the zephyr breeze
my love is the fury that ignites the stars
my love is the soft lap of gentle seas
my love is the hurricane in August
my love is whispered words in candlelight
my love is strident shouts of devotion

I love with gentle fury
unchecked ardor that possesses my soul
in heartfelt promises
I hold those pledges still

My love is the ecstasy of the ages
my love is the beat of hummingbird wings
my love is the grace of the moonlit desert
my love is the warmth of the sun in winter
my love is writ deep in heart and mind
my love lives long beyond my life

I love with delicate intensity
untamed desire that rends denial absurd
impervious to rebuttal
my love is yours to this day


I am, as you can probably tell, still struggling with my language skills as I recover from the stroke. It’s improving but it’s hard work. I’m far more ambulatory than I was now. I am able to walk just fine, my speech is no longer slurred, and the weakness in my left side has faded. I still think music is going to be beyond me for a little while, but I will continue to write, if for nothing else than as a form of therapy.