Folksong #2

Well the devils are here angels run in fear, inside wall I sit still
vicodin and tequila, a break in the wind
blows cold over mountains, and into these hills
to the valleys we live in, hide from winter chills

Around me the people are hungry and tired
eating from bottles and meth keeps them wired
there ain’t nobody watching as they take their fill
existing each day for good or for ill

Cops killing people for refusing to stand
like country at war in some foreign land
drinking days ‘til departure no birds in the hand
their kids dying in the desert of alien sands

Flags flying needless in an empty blue sky
and the people are screaming and asking you why
why are their children hurting and why do they die
all you got is an anthem for the tears that they cry

They’re willing to die, coz your god tells them so
from birth they’re instructed, this is all they know
religion and reciting for all they are worth
trained to be fodder from the time of their birth

I ain’t got no solutions, but I know what’s true
killing and hating bring nothing but the blues
and it ain’t the rich who die on foreign shores
it’s the desperate and needy who die in your wars
The future is coming and it’s coming fast
we’re breaking away from the chains of your past
the future is coming, it’s coming true
those soldiers you trained are coming for you