The snow comes soon, and with it thoughts
of warm blankets and hot chocolate
of watching the white fall from grey skies
from the safe warmth and comfort inside
of snow angels and icy angles
abandoned nests of spring waiting for new tenants
mistletoe kisses and fucking by starlight
books and films and music in soft satisfaction
The snow comes soon, and with it thoughts
of lazy mornings held tight on pillowed bed
of wrapped up tight and laughter in the frosted air
as crows make light of their delight above
of home cooked meals served hot and easy
fresh flowers to still hold sway within these walls
whispered words and declarative voices
luxuriant relaxation in the port from the storm
The snow comes soon, and with it thoughts
of longing for a life not lived and one
who may be as living by a far star — hearing
echoes of my transmission over lightyears
The snow comes soon
It will be cold


We could listen to old songs and watch movies in black and white
under blankets of dogs and caresses
the eager kisses of the moon bringing soft touched comfort
We could fly to stars and foreign skies in red shifted clothes
under gravity and Einstein’s equations
the tender touch of hands held in delighted warmth
We could fuck by firelight and firefly dance
under summer’s sweet slumber or winter’s chill
the subsistence of love in a growing world
We could be in love in this magic earth — shades of blue and grey
under the duress of affection and trust
some careless declaration of love
We could give in to lust and love and the screaming unholiness
under sheets of lonely division
and we should
we should
we should


Walk with me in the crisp morning air
hands clasped and gentle smile
along creek and canal as the sun rises bright
misted mystery in the dawning day

Kiss me with tender lips and laughter
steady gaze and quickened heart
under the hooded eyes of a watchful moon
bearing witness to star-shone sentiment

Hear me while I whisper words for you
serenity in delicate song
then the enchantment of snug silence
enriching glance of devoted affection

Sleep with me in linen sheets
twined limbs and easy dreams
in the stillness of the darkest hours
wake softly in love’s embrace


Ah did gie mah hert tae you
forever oan mah sleeve
if ye wid bit tak’ me in yer arms
and ne’er let me lea

I did gie mah soul tae you
it glistened in th’ light
if ye wid bit tak’ it tae yer heart
forever mak’ it right

I did gie mah voice tae you
on endless nights alone
in bitter tears ‘n’ softened prayers
the ravens hae noo flown

I did gie mah een tae you
and noo thay ainlie see
through salted wounds ‘n’ lonely words
now roiled wi’ th’ sea

I did gie mah loue tae you
and aye dae tae this day
my hert aches tae be wi’ you
on this ‘n’ ilka day


I’m glad the dispensary delivers to me at home
on Thursdays
I can sit glazed to try and drive the sorrow down
my haunted dreams overtaking
my vision by night and by day
I have Small Blue Thing on repeat
and Ms. Vega sings it to my soul
I am scattering like light
My eyes, still hazel, no longer shine
but glisten wet and near opaque
no longer windows to anywhere of import
I’ll sit in the shower until the water runs cold
fetal on the floor with my hands around my knees
tears washing freely from my face
I wonder if you cry, but doubt you do
least of all for me
if you ever think of me at all
I know I’ve lost my mind to grief
to bereavement for the still living
the melancholy deepens every day
The ban-sìth keens at the door now, or merely
In my head
Where I would only you could knock

Ah did gie mah hert tae you
forever oan mah sleeve
if ye wid bit tak’ me in yer arms
and ne’er let me lea


You told me that nobody had ever made you feel
as beautiful as I did
but you were always a vision in my eyes
You told me that nobody else had ever made your pleasure
more important that their own
but you were always the focus of my heart
You told me that you loved me more
than anything in the world
and I fell into your eyes
You told me you believed that we were fated
to be together
and I believed in that destiny in my soul
You told me I had a magic touch and a cure
for the pain that often ailed you
and it vanished with my touch and love
You told me you were happiest
held in my arms
and wished to be there forever
You told me things you had never told another soul
the secrets of your life
all kept safe still in my care
You told me we were meant to be
and I believed it
now I am lost and blue and small
I told you my heart was ever yours
and that is true
no matter passing time


Snow falls over the fallen leaves of autumn departed
the bleak white a mirror to my desolation
there will be no feasting in these four walls
the cold fits me like a body bag
Niflheim comes to envelope the world
in chill clutch and frostbitten breath
and the death of warmth and light
the cold fits me like a funeral shroud
The wolf will come to devour the moon
and brother slay brother with mistletoe spear
the time of endings upon us
the cold fits me like a pauper’s tomb
This snow will not last but remain
a harbinger of the cessation of the gods
until Sol’s daughter rises anew
the cold fits me like an unmarked grave


I’m trying to pack up your things today
the things you left behind
There’s makeup and your coffee cup
for the cat lady in you
There’s clothing and that painting
that you gave me
will be boxed up too
and the photos removed from the wall
If I can get through the panic
that gathers me in its frightful embrace
I’ll mail it all to you when you leave
or have someone do it
This is harder than expected


A year ago you taught me to carve pumpkins
and we laughed and kissed and fucked and loved
and made a mess of seeds and mush
until the moment you had to leave
love reigned then as I believed in what you said
A year ago you loved me and kissed sweet lips
and we loved and laughed and talked and fucked
under skies we made ourselves
until the moment you had to leave
belief reigned then as I hung on your words
A year ago we had belief and fire in our hearts
and passionate embrace seemed our fate
you believed in destiny then
and soaring words were our delight
joy was our meaning and enchantment
you laughed back then as we celebrated our love
you laughed back then as we held our life
you laughed back then as we did as we could
you laughed back then as we did as love should
This year I carve alone while my dog watches close
hoping I will drop pumpkin to the ground
and the laughter sounds like weeping
A year ago is not today and this bleakness grows
amidst the desolation of memory and solitude
A year ago you said we were forever meant to be
and I would give anything
for just one day of that eternity to come to pass


Seek solace with the bloated bodies of the damned
Corpse light flickering amid the miasma and gloom
Stalk fallow fields of annihilation under yellow sky
Ravens tear the eyes from the sightless dead
The putrescine mephitis a fetid reminder
Of the last days seen by mortal men

Ashes fall like snow to coat the winter lips
Of the not yet deceased, their ragged breath
The last rites of a doomed and broken race
Carcasses piled high under bloody winter moon
Entrails read foresee eradication nigh
As cadavers burn in malignant fire

Shivering air writhes gangrenous tendrils
Of hatred and despite, living flesh ripped
From shattered bone, agonized screams
Delight of the damned as they rot beside the blood rivers
Laughing horsemen ride ‘cross the frenzied world
Destruction under ebony wings

Redemption impossible for fallen humanity
Eviscerated remains the fate of all beheld
Carrion to feed malicious degeneration
Welcome apocalypse of the failed species
Extermination all suffer tortured end
Unholy massacre of the bitter breed