I write with shaking hands, dazed and abrupt
my pen will not follow my hands, instead looping
strange characters on the page before me

you make me feel so beautiful

My concentration is gone
swept away in trembling heart, fingers quivering
with need and response to thought

♥️ soulmate♥️

The machinery has broken down, the repairs do not go well
there are missing parts and damaged pieces
and the ones I have do not fit

I love you more than anything handsome mister. Mucho mucho 🥰

My music fills the air with somber notes
tone driven existential crisis
guttering melody of the disappeared

I love you Daddy. So much.
Tomorrow you get to cum in me 💋😈

Tattooed on my soul, carved in my being
sacred name of unrelenting need
sleep brings nightmare rest

I was sad to shower and have your smell leave me 😭

I am your lamb of sacrifice, cast on this altar
blood set to your knife
ceded to the immolation that makes you whole

I love you very very much my handsome mister ♥️

The world renounces me, with each word spoke
wrenched from terror mind
a hallucination of horror in sleep

Did you know something? I LOVE YOU! ♥

I recant and reject this reality of shame
on frozen floor I wake in the sweat of night
lips calling for absolution

Lol. I’m almost always horny when it comes to you.
I love love love you ♥

Babygirl. I love you too

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