Snow is falling again and they say
we might get another two feet by the weekend
I will not miss the snow

The things I would miss are already gone
in spiteful chasms of space and time
vanished phantasms and shades

I will not miss the snow or the cold
but the remembered warmth
of loving embrace long yearned

I am not glad to go, rather I feel
nothing about it at all on this chill day
in the falling snow

A man can be, I think, as unhappy there
as he remains here, in destiny’s grasp
a pawn of that he cannot comprehend

The snow falls and my dog looks with sad eyes
at my countenance so set
stone chiseled despondency

This is the last winter here, in frozen tomb
I will carry my dead eyes to another place
and watch with apathy the end

I have my first covid vaccine booked, and to be honest I’m completely apathetic about it. And very much feeling the same way about the recording contract. I just don’t really care.

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