Strain (song)

Babygirl, since you been gone I been falling in
lost in my own thoughts is the way it is
dependent on hope that is long gone
barely alive and it’s been so long

Don’t even know if I’m still breathing
can’t even tell if my heart’s still beating
trapped inside the loneliness and trapped inside my head
trapped in my mind with no way to get out

Nothing to do so I’m still smoking
hiding my feelings in the weed I’m toking
nothing but pain so I’m still drinking
don’t tell anyone what I’m really thinking

Can’t feel the blood in my veins running
know what I need and it means something
I pass out on the floor my brain still bleeding
unable to find any real meaning

I’m lost in my mind, spend most of my time, fucked up writing rhymes, or sleeping alone
stuck in my head, wishing that I was dead, toss and turn in my bed, can’t so I don’t
I drink too much booze, I got nothing to lose, you’ll see me on the news, when the album drops
I smoke too much weed, I’m so ill at ease, I just wanna scream, I want everything to stop

I can’t take the pain, I can’t the pain, I can’t the pain

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