Copaganda (song)

Peace out to the friends of all the ones who been killed
by some bully with a badge and a gun looking for cheap thrills
knowing that nothing ever gonna happen to them
coz they soldiers of the ruling classes juries acquit them

people are still dying while out in the streets people still trying
politicians are still lying and we can’t forget the past behind them
the history is just how we got where we are, got to this
killed in traffic stops and beaten with cop fists

system is racist at its basis and brutal and classist
middle class people in their homes can’t seem to grasp this
people in their houses they just can’t seem to give a damn
liking cop Facebook pages and cop Instagrams

supporting the system that brings death to all kinds of streets
but coz they white they can say ‘it doesn’t affect me’
you can think hey man, it doesn’t affect you too
but that can change real fast when they find out that I’m a Jew

rather stand with my brothers and sisters of colour
to stop them dying leaving grieving relatives and lovers
you listening to Killer Mike — are you hearing what he’s saying?
you’re not part of the solution you’re just fucking playing

message still getting out but it ain’t been heard yet
people still getting shot in a mental health check
keep getting told that’s just the way it is
but not if we really give a fuck about Black kids

no solution you can’t change systems from within
no amount of reform can bring back a life from death again
defund motherfucker, it’s the only way forward now
this can’t go on we gotta force change somehow

peace out to people who lost someone they loved
peace out to those in prison coz they got caught with drugs
no peace for those whose silence supports the system
they like it the way it is, gotta say just fuck ‘em

Political hiphop. Driven in part because so many white people say so much about racial injustice but then go on and support the system or mouth bullshit about ‘changing the system from within’. Yeah, that’s been tried and always fails. Mostly they’re scared that a movement for justice — real justice not the kind dished out with violence by a broken and vicious system — might disrupt their comfortable superiority.

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