Ground (song)

I never really knew
(do you still want me)
this feeling is nothing new
(you still haunt me)
feeling like something flew
(right past me)
wings while I lost the ground
(I can’t see)

I’m in the shadow sea
(can you see me)
buried among the trees
(can you feel me)
can’t see past undergrowth
(the real me)
writing those words with hope
(such sounds misconceived)

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
(can you hear me)
live up to the promises
(do you still dream of me)
the sky is still falling down
(I see it clearly)
never was when you were around
(this is sincerity)

This needs another verse or two. I have the music all done but am struggling to finish the lyrics.

Every musician’s dream, right? But as each day passes I find myself questioning whether or not it is what I really want. I’ve started packing up and getting ready but I really am torn. There’s a big part of me that would rather just disappear, and that is still an option. I’m changing my name regardless and leaving behind pretty much everyone I have ever known, and making it very difficult to contact me. Email accounts, social media, even this site will be gone. The time is definitely getting closer to being forced to make up my mind. Do I head south, to the state full of right wing conspiracy lunatics, just to follow a once held dream of making music, or just leave for elsewhere, either within this country or another (I have options in that respect). I just don’t know for sure. I don’t think I’ll find happiness or redemption either way.

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