Fragmented Memory

The demons have been with us forever
with names like love and sorrow and desire
and I cannot find the way to banish them

I hear the thrum through the tracks
and as the wind blows the snow, I wonder
if this is the time, I stay on the rail

I slip on my walk, fine but for pride
and wonder at the days or weeks it would take
for anyone to notice me gone
if something happened at home

My dog misses your dog
but mostly he misses you
I get what he means

I remember lips and breasts and soft folds
and the hands with which I healed

I recall, in those days, taking your pain
and holding it myself
a blessing to my lover and love

You felt my pain, the one I had daily
for a brief moment of days
and I still watched as you went back to another

I am the one who fell, senseless beneath the moon
reaching for skies unbound
I fell to earth in open tomb

I sold this world to a second-hand merchant
who sold time in small bottles
from his tented stand?

I loved with the fire of a million suns
and I guess, I still do
but the fire now burns me to crispy critter sticks

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