I walked this morning, in the snow before the sun rose
to the bench where we fucked that dark autumn night
and I thought that soon we’ll both be listening
to the cassette we will both get in the mail
and I wonder if you’ve still got the walkman I bought for you
or if you threw it away as a bad memory
I made you a mixtape that you never got to hear
you’d like it and I sometimes listen to it myself
I walked on a little, into the field near the edge of the canal
and laid down in the snow, staring at the sky with blank eyes
and thinking that perhaps I would stay
as the snow covered my form in pure white dust
a lost mound of icy flesh awaiting spring thaw
so, I laid in motionless isolation as the flakes fell
coating my exposed skin in until I ceased to shiver
A man came with his dog and I was forced to rise from my supine repose
the snow fell from me in sheets of pale chill
but I wished I could stay
in some eternal hibernation of body and spirit
I thought of you and the cold froze a tear on my cheek
with heavy step I headed home

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