Blue light lackey

I should thank all those who out themselves
in the blue glow on their porches
that symbol of white supremacy
a public show of support
for sycophantic authoritarianism
each light lit a renouncing of compassion
a civil gesture of meaning that damns
Black lives
Brown lives
Queer lives
Muslim lives
Jewish lives
Latinx lives
Native lives
all lives that are not the mayonnaise
of white ascendance
each light lit a statement that
minority lives are of lesser value
and they prefer the status quo
cobalt incandescence a proclamation
of their own sense of superiority
and their fear of a changing world

Here in the U.S. lights of various colours are often lit at night to show support for various causes. Blue lights are ostensibly in support of law enforcement. But of course there is more meaning to them than that. Law enforcement in this country are a bastion of white supremacy, systemically treating minorities with violence and condescension. Those who display those blue lights (and there are many) are also displaying their own tacit support of that violence, condescension, and corruption. Their support of the status quo of white supremacy in America

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