Body (song)

left a body in Arizona, underneath the shifting sands
left a body in some corner of some foreign land
left a body in Oklahoma, in some shallow grave
left a body in san antone, where the air is thick and heavy like a wave

left a body up in Pahrump where the skies are bright and clear
left a body in Alberta, where the snow will cover it all year
left a body in Alabama, among the swamps and the trees
left a body back in Memphis, on the streets in Tennessee

left the body of a man, who thought it was his right
by way of toxic masculinity and hiding behind
his thoughts as black as night

left a body in a spot in a parking lot
left a body on the steps of a church where I shot
left a body in the trunk of a cadillac
where I left the bodies I ain’t ever going back

left the body of a man who wouldn’t take no
for an answer when he heard it
now he’s bleeding down below

left a body where they told me that their god
left bodies in a place but he got applause
left a body in the sea where the fishes swim
left a body riding where the waters skim

left a body in the sound of a winter’s chill
left bodies in the places where nobody goes
left bodies in the reasons for the killing floor
left bodies in the cry of a open door

left the body of a man who wouldn’t believe
that everything he did
was lost without any reprieve

leaving bodies in the streets of this quiet town
ain’t no use pretending I am all the way down
I won’t leave until I know for sure
that the body before me is a casualty of war

Last body I leave will be the one that is mine
been far too many years and it looks like time
if you remember me at all then remember who I am
I’m a straight up devil, a broken lost soul, or I am just a man

composed for guitar and vox. It should come as no surprise that I don’t actually have a trail of any bodies behind me, it’s just a song 🙂

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