Trying so hard but can’t get through this pain
lost in anguish I can’t break these chains
babygirl can you feel my endless blame
it’s all on me this sorrow and this shame

Trying hard to get through with booze and drugs ain’t right
but without you I am only crying deep in the night
so I drink and I take pills and wish this feeling would go
but there’s only two solutions and I can’t let you go

did you lie when you told me, that our love was true
was I distraction from your life while I believed in you
I still believe in fate you told me it was real
but now I’m lost in something you could never feel

all the hiding and secrets we shared were to me a way of life
I wanted and I needed to make forever mine
you swore that you loved me in breathless passion then
were you lying, did it matter, I only want answers, damn

you told that you were scared when I saw someone else
said you couldn’t eat or sleep that it destroyed you like nothing else
said you finally understood what I went through each day
each day we said goodbye and you went back to the life of dismay

Held you in my arms and we kissed and we fucked
you vowed to me a love that you were never giving up
now I’m stuck here on my own with only memory to help me
there ain’t nothing I wouldn’t do if you’d only but ask me

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