I was not always as you find me now
with wretched tears and body failing
from neglect and desperation
there was once light and hope within
She came on invisible wings, and with glowing smile
a wave of words tore down those walls
and ramparts so carefully built
soul bared before her and secrets shared
known to no others in our lives
my naked heart a beating offering to her hands
She cherished and brought blooming delight in her gaze
brought ease to days and handheld kisses
skin to skin and heart to heart in closeness
whispered words left me defenseless
before the sweet assault of passion’s embrace
I vowed my love and hold it still
an eternal flame of devotion and desire
that glows within me this day and all
The remnants of those walls and high battlements
dust before her simplest smile
With the passing of those barriers love poured
in deluge and flood of overwhelming rapture
I cannot build them back
where once they fell as she took hold
now thorns and briar grow
where once in pride and glowing spirit
now cinders ring the ground
I would but fall now, wretched tears and
failing frame, among the cinders and the memories
the pictures and the messages
all those words of devotion sent, that I read over again
as if to find in my tearstained eyes
some semblance of love’s refrain
Instead I am as you find me now
hollow shell in broken frame, haunted gaze
and dreams of her from which I would not wake

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