Te Kore

Mind wanders over far oceans to those jade islands
towering crags and endless sand on seashore strands
misted morning in sun-dappled canopies of temperate forest
and though changing an address will not change a life
perhaps the leaving astern those memories can fade
with the people lost in time
I could live as the forgotten there
under the gaze of the southern cross
as unknown and unregarded as the lost remains of
abandoned love letters
unreachable to all but the wind and waves and the cries of the departed
No conversations to be had bar those that float away on the breeze
mute to human ear or understanding
but the sun hears, the moon hears, the stars listen in silent respect
and etch scratched lines to tattered pages in solitude standing
There is truth in those far-flung islands
voiceless percipience between mountain and sea
penetrating stare of a landscape lush with life and seclusion
I will end there, by the shores of those southern seas
framed by volcanic plateau and white-capped wave
a tribute to Tangaroa and Tane-Mahuta
until the messenger piwakawaka brings the final tale

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