You’re feeling less than loved in a place that’s strange but old to you
you were reaching out for something to bring you something new
body screaming silence while your eyes are truest blue
I was always more than just someone to screw

He grows more conservative with every day that passes
reject from the seventies in aviator glasses
turns into his father for everything that matters
but it happens slowly, you can’t see it as it shatters

You like to pretend that you’d come out fighting
but you cannot get away from all the gaslighting
spying eyes are keeping visions of you in their ever sighting
you tell yourself it’s real, but that’s just the lighting

You’re living in a world that’s full of growing neurosis
your life is a bleeding field of emotional necrosis
but you’ve given yourself to that abusive hypnosis
I ain’t saying nothing new, this was your diagnosis

You think your life will change if you alter your address
but you know it really won’t it’ll still leave you in deep distress
pretending that you’ll make some kind of progress
this is fact ain’t making — any kind of guess

Life is what it is and I know I cannot change it
but every day I wonder and I wish that we could kiss
I hate to see you lose your dreams in living fucking tedious
for the sake of stable living to the exclusion of the passionate

Most of what I am writing these days is hiphop lyrics and beats. Most of it never finds it’s way to this website. But sometime it does, and this is one of those times

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