My six string hums like violence
My bullets words and passion plays
My six string hums like a wasted life
In anger and in rage
My six string blazes in hate and love
I set my own world alight
My six string beats the drum of my heart
Despair and in delight
My six string bows to no-one
In an endless shattered hope
My six string brings a broken end
Swing on the edge of the rope
My six string shrieks in anger
In Marshall stacked array
My six string falls in silence
Like you never went away
My six string screams in silence
While killing every sound
My six string pleads defiance
To the bitter truth we found
My six string writes the songs for me
And remembrance does that too
My six string wishes you could see
What I would do for you
My six string breaks and so do I
No artifact in my soul
This is the sound of tearing eyes
For one for you for all

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