You told me that nobody had ever made you feel
as beautiful as I did
but you were always a vision in my eyes
You told me that nobody else had ever made your pleasure
more important that their own
but you were always the focus of my heart
You told me that you loved me more
than anything in the world
and I fell into your eyes
You told me you believed that we were fated
to be together
and I believed in that destiny in my soul
You told me I had a magic touch and a cure
for the pain that often ailed you
and it vanished with my touch and love
You told me you were happiest
held in my arms
and wished to be there forever
You told me things you had never told another soul
the secrets of your life
all kept safe still in my care
You told me we were meant to be
and I believed it
now I am lost and blue and small
I told you my heart was ever yours
and that is true
no matter passing time

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