Seek solace with the bloated bodies of the damned
Corpse light flickering amid the miasma and gloom
Stalk fallow fields of annihilation under yellow sky
Ravens tear the eyes from the sightless dead
The putrescine mephitis a fetid reminder
Of the last days seen by mortal men

Ashes fall like snow to coat the winter lips
Of the not yet deceased, their ragged breath
The last rites of a doomed and broken race
Carcasses piled high under bloody winter moon
Entrails read foresee eradication nigh
As cadavers burn in malignant fire

Shivering air writhes gangrenous tendrils
Of hatred and despite, living flesh ripped
From shattered bone, agonized screams
Delight of the damned as they rot beside the blood rivers
Laughing horsemen ride ‘cross the frenzied world
Destruction under ebony wings

Redemption impossible for fallen humanity
Eviscerated remains the fate of all beheld
Carrion to feed malicious degeneration
Welcome apocalypse of the failed species
Extermination all suffer tortured end
Unholy massacre of the bitter breed

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