There’s a silent cacophony that rends me
gouges deep into heart and soul
a voiceless scream that banishes hope
to far distant memory and bitter longing

There’s a blinding vision in my haunted dreams
salt-blurred phantasm of passionate devotion
ripped into sobbing wakefulness
the caustic absinthe of corporeal world

There’s a tortuous harrowing that cleaves
the excruciating affliction
of the cross on which I’m nailed
naked and exposed in all agony

There’s a piled high assemblage on the ground
of aspirations and hopes and dreams
desolated and distraught in abandonment
twisted trophies of dereliction

There’s a taste of slaughter on my lips
full of copper and salt and acid
jagged shards of desertion plundered desire
grieved vestiges of disintegrated yearning

There’s a sweeping sorrow across time
intensity grows each moment of mourning
no rejuvenation to spirit or vitality
eidolon remains of sunken promise

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