Hold me under the water, cut away the emptiness
the makeup I used to wear is faded and gone
My eyes now lined not by pencil but life
correct my fucking defects
as you will
Tear my flesh to make me real
rip great gouges in my soul
and show me where humanity lies
and humanity lies
I cannot distance myself on my own
the missing knight on the chessboard calls
lost without his horse or tackle
tilting at windmills while Sancho Panza
looks on in awe and sadness
I lost my touch like a crippled Christ
no longer healing but trying despite
The followers who distort and fail
if I could take my own advice
if I could take
if I could
if I
Fallen like a broken god
all pale skin and crimson gashes
And no believers left
Your funeral mouth mouths words
Without meaning or import
This is where kisses go to die

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