I’m going to sew shut my mouth
with dental floss and lost needles
and a lack of anaesthesia
My hazel eyes should say it all
but nobody sees them
as they change from blue to green to brown
I’ll sing through those lips
that none can hear
Tongue trapped in amber or oil
I wish I could fuck you
I wish I could do so many things
that do not define the world
our worlds are bounded by our
preferences or love or bigotry
I will rage in the fire of your love
Only to find the ashes of a fire gone
And in this core, me
I, who has failed
I, who has let down
I, who has disappointed
I, who despite that, am barely human
Or moreso
I am the scream of defiance and the soft surrender
I am the beginning and the end
Alpha and Omega
Begone or accept
This last caress

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