Hope is the worst of human emotions
it reeks of false promises and hollow vows
it crumbles with inevitable certitude
to dust, dry on the remains of the skeletal floor
Hope lies to us all, with it’s thought of better times
and all dreams become nightmares
as it fails and collapses into ruin
and when the poet wrote of the sign at the gates of hell
perhaps those words ought be inscribed
for each of us at our birth
Abandon all hope, ye who enter this world
Hope whispers lies in our ears and in our hearts
perhaps Pandora ought never have let it free
Hope springs eternal damnation and suffering
it is naught but a chimera
a mirage of the oasis in the desert as we
blindly rush to our doom amidst the wreckage
Hope is a whirlwind of destruction on the human soul
it rends our flesh and grinds our bones
it shreds our hearts and souls in wanton fury
the torturer of humanity, mocking as it laughs
in the face of our torment
Hope is the hell that binds us

One thought on “Surmise

  1. Hope is also what makes us wake up the next day and look forward to taking risks knowing the perils. Hope is what binds people in their losses together. Hope is the ripples left in the wind after the passing of a dying storm. Hope is the breaking of dawn after the longest and darkest night. Hope is the reassurance that all is not lost until we believe so. Hope is the nagging doubt that we have someone somewhere who cares and prays for our safety. Hope is so much more than just a step to further disappointment and bitter hell.
    Hugs. Someday you’ll regain your trust in hope again. ❤🥺


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