I am the mariner
the captain of this ship
I am lost and gone to sea
I lost the astrolabe
and now I’m all awash
with nothing left here to believe

My compass spins around, as if to find some home
If only I had never been such a shattered man – oh oh

That has so far passed me by
I see the rocks ahead
they beckon me to meekly wreck
if I will drown within
your waves will wash me clean
my final words are from this deck

If in this storm I hear your damning siren song
Then broken on these angry rocks cannot be wrong — oh oh

I sailed for all these years
I wanted all my fears
to be swept beneath your sea
but only I remain
of all who sailed away
now there is no one left but me

And if I lash myself to the mast like dying lamb
Would it be the sacrifice that you wished to have – oh oh

I’ve sailed the oceans wide
where once your love you plied
and offered solace from the sea
but stars no longer guide
drawn to this endless tide
and once was lost I am relieved

If in this stormy sea you cannot hear
The screaming of this captain then I am lost to fear – oh oh

You hung the albatross
around my neck and mocked
the loss of all I left behind
and there is life-in-death
her foul and fetid breath
reminder of such better times

If in doubt as you would always ever be
Then cast me out into this dark and stormy sea – oh oh

I’ll cast the bird aside
I’ll suffer all reprise
as you knock me from my feet
and if this suffering
be what you’re offering
I’ll take it just to be with thee

If my heart would be but less than to you true
I would rather sink into this hell that you left me too – oh oh

Save me, brave my
Honesty and love and let your fingers
Find my broken handed glove and be there
Waiting, melting, even if you doubt I will you true
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh

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