I know the taste of defeat full well
that bitter drink of regret and sorrow
I have sipped from that cup
many times over, each a wearing down
of resistance and defiance
as a city falls slow to the siege
This final defeat though brings peace
an oddly calm time in a turbulent life
exploded by your callous heart
that I must accept as a thing that will not change
I feel, in some strange way, tranquil now
not the harmoniousness of your embrace
which is gone from me
but a neutral quietude
that washes me in its still waters
I am no ghost to haunt, though I be
haunted by you
Silence descends in a blanket of comfort
as I take those decisions I needs must make
and for the only time, outside your arms
I am serene, no longer at war with
the slings of life nor the arrows of
outrageous fortune
I forgive in this time, all pain and suffering
if I were a holy man, I would bless you
with some sacred rite of love’s passage
and send your name skywards to the gods
but I have only words and worldly possessions
and this remarkable serenity
and of those I think my words are the better
I wonder if you would hear them in my voice

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