I am getting fucked up now
There’s no method to this madness
only loss and grief
and the judgment of those who don’t
share in it
you broke me beyond belief
in your sinister silence
and longstanding selfishness
your callous heart
so now I wait
in incongruous despair
some dark nightfall or ebon stare
If I fall today
would you notice or care?
or would perhaps this be your goal
to end your own discomfort
without risk or empathy
I was only ever bound to you
in these chains I willingly gave
so, tear me asunder; let your vengeance be nigh
I am but some phantom in your life
of no import but that of a moth
yet to your love’s flame
I am forever drawn
I’m fucked up now
no dream or sacred melody comes
just this lost and lonely
as if I never was

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