Elegy for Dante

This is now etched in my memory and my soul
this 0745 moment when you passed in my arms
I never owned you, you were a chosen and faithful
Companion when there was nobody else
My dear Dante, Wash and I sit disconsolate now
your toys strewn around your room
and only two nights ago we played
with your favourite laser pointer
I remember that first time I saw you
in the shelter, a kitten still, and barely able to walk
you’d been hit by a car
you threw yourself at me as best you could
and lavished me with affection
I fell in love with you in that moment
and you were far too young
for this to happen now
I brought you thousands of miles
and you were ever at my side
through thick and thin and tragedy you were there
your love an obvious joy
and people might think – just a cat
but to me one of my dearest friends
a family member
and now there are just the two of us
Wash and I
Wait for me there, I will come
Wait for me there, it will not be too long
Wait for me there, I love you

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