I have boxes with your things
those you left behind and those you never saw
gifts and knickknacks so carefully chosen
clothes in the closet, dresses and tops
a collection of panties in the drawer
where you left them here
as if waiting forever in some hopeless dream
I have a million kisses
kept safe just for you
and if spurned, they will go to no other
I have your hairbrush and your makeup
your coffee cup sits forlorn on the shelf
empty of everything but air
I have your pictures on the wall
Your blue eyes gazing serenely
back from those frames
you pervade my dreams each night
and I wake with wet cheeks and sorrowed sobs
You haunt my days like a spectre
of life’s greatest joy lost
and fresh aches greet each morning in grief
I make coffee in silence and measure
the creamer for myself in the portion size
you always had, that I always was so careful about
I have a million embraces waiting
and a million walks while holding hands
and I cannot give them to another
my heart lies in a million pieces
but still it is yours alone

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