I have built again those unassailable battlements
of broken stone and rusted steel
where once your brought them to earth with
melodic word and passionate deed
I remain, within these walls, resolute in my
refusal to allow past the gatekeepers
any who would come
to seek they may hope is beyond that chill stone
this fortress of cold repelling all adventurous souls
with an absence of lucidity in the frigid
inhospitable crags
I have carved into the walls
frescos of denial and triptychs of terror
like Bosch or Vrubel
and yet as none other may enter
you could well
With the slightest breath
crumble this castle to dust around me
exposing my nakedness and fear
with your merest word or glance
and my fear would vanish again
in the softest of your gaze
and the brushstroke of your voice

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