Art knows no boundaries or borders
no conditional enjoyment of words writ or spoke
no pretence of mine or yours or theirs
there is no other in art
no voice or view that pertains to just one place
art brokers nothing with the arguments of petty politics
or foolish religion
no blindered eyes that cannot see
or blinkered ears that cannot hear
art will not bring war and violence to your shore
art knows no envy or petty thought
art brought me Debussy, Van Gogh, Coltrane, and Ice-T
art brings us to our worshipful knees
art brought me you, and you, and you
dappled light in impressionist dream
Jazz played for souls that can still listen
art is both new and old
as old as the cave paintings and as new as a babe
it demands and coerces with gentle words and colour
and imagine Vincent painting to John’s words
I stood once, and time stood too
before an oil
I was at McNay, in San Antonio, Texas
before that one eared god
with swelled heart and tears before
a beauty I had ne’er imagined
I heard, in tones so sweet they tore my breath from my body
Bach played by a single musician, at Flinders Street station
in Melbourne, Australia
I have heard and seen the soft power we share
in humanity’s cradle
this – so human — need to find both beauty and light in a world without sense
or vison
free your mind, your heart, your pen, your brush
Your art matters.
your voice should be heard
be it scream or whisper, sorrow or joy
although you stand in the steps of giants
Sing to me!
let your brush throw vibrance to the world at large
throw your naked meaning to the earth in great
swaths and phrases of raw humanity
Become the gods you can be

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