Listener dear. Do you hear?
that sound of broken sorrow make
alack, alas! In endless fear
that sound of heart that ever break

Sit you then beside my fire
heed these words I say
rest your weary lost desire
hark this simple play

Begins on words and silent sent
begins on meeting true
it starts with words and then it brings
that feeling pure and true

Take your drink and light your smoke
rest here by my fire
I give you cautionary tales
of love and all desire

Be not now in love’s caress
nor ever be in love’s full bloom
that ever broken biting press
In terror’s bitter doom

She will to you, with lying eyes
profess her endless love
but this is but a ceaseless prize
her words no meaning of

Hark you now! Take deep quaff
I know you all too well
drink you now from this fell trough
and hear this tolling bell

I am not now nor ever was
a smith of pretty verse
I only speak in thought of laws
believed in sacred curse

Her hallowed name escapes my lips
in frantic wasted flight
I speak it soft in written scripts
but still it brings the light

Her name it bleeds in needled vein
I wish this was not so
but if it must then let it rain
more that than face the flow

She has destroyed all that was good
and my heart strikes to break
but if she wishes so it should
to me she undertake

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