-.. .- -. .. -.-. .-

Hear the rapping in your head
as Raven once to Poe appeared
insistent dots and dashes bring
a coded message from its wings

no pallid Pallas here adorns
only lonely bitter scorn
from mouths of fools these words are torn
from broken dreams are nightmares born

See the wingèd, feathered form
stares from Night’s Plutonian shore
casts melancholic shadows here
a prophecy from demon’s seer

No beauteous gaze so full of grace
Just lost and lone in hollow space
From word and thought that do deface
A heart as true as whitest lace

Touch the silken fallen plume
brought you to this cold dank gloom
remember kisses soft and sweet
where haunted vision now accretes

Still to hear that urgent tapping
In mind’s ear remains the rapping
At the windows – at the door
Until the claim of death’s rapport

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