This is the story of my life, and it is not
some pretty tale, some fairytale
no happily-ever-after
the short story is I was born, and thus I die
as do we all
and along the way – suffering –
alone and in tears and in agony
I can count the ways, in which it has hurt
the death of my daughter
the loss of redemption for the things I have done
and though I believe in none of those things
a thought that I should be tortured
for eternities in hell
I suppose I’ll find out soon
I deserve nothing less
and you absolved me of my sins
in that brief moment of your lies of love
then threw me under to burn
and I do, in this addiction, in this pain
that only you could bring
I know how it makes me sound
that I would give again my daughter’s life, just to be with you
and ever give mine for yours
and you would give nothing for me
I’ll make all your dreams come true
by giving up soon, by allowing the darkness
to take me far gone, where you can forget
as you always wished
that I never was

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