You used to say you loved me
with sparkling eyes and passionate breath
you told me that you needed me
a physical need for closeness
and I wonder now in what you do
if it was ever all a lie
one you told me or yourself or us both
or whether you knew that it wasn’t true
even if you felt it in moments
of passion and desire
you were the first to use the words
and my heart soared in great arcs in bluest skies
to hear you speak them in such
fervoured tones as if you meant
each word with all your soul
now my love is piled with the gifts
ungiven on your birthday and the card
so heartfelt and sincere
expressing those emotions that still
hold me in your thrall
but my bed remains empty
and my hand unheld
my lips not kissed by the only one
that could ever touch them
and my heart a sinking stone

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