I wonder if today is the day
and my dog says no
but how long can he keep me here
especially after that last episode
where my heart failed
and I failed
long ago in the last few months
and revived I was distraught
because death was better
in that black encompassed depth
than this forever pain
and I’d scream if you could hear
about the terror that wraps its arms
around me at the thought of non-existence
still better than this
it’s courage to be gone
more than suffering to carry on
but you don’t care
if you ever did
and I’m only a brief encounter
in your life
and people say there must be
a way out, or a better way
but there’s only this
not active, but that deep uncaring
it’s the same as you feel for me
my life or death not a matter for care or discussion
just an odd note at the end of the world
as interesting as a fly in amber
or a captured memory of love

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