It’s a tale as old as time
and time is all we have
although that too runs short
this fairytale has no happy ending
there will be no happily ever after
Boy meets girl and falls in love
falls like an angel screaming defiance at an
unforgiving deity
falls so hard his body aches for her mere presence
and she says she shares that feeling
then with a blink she goes
without gesture or word
putting the lie to her promises and pacts
Boy keeps falling
and falling
and falling
falling into nightmare and despair and the
cold hard comfort of sedative dreams
he tells himself he’s only smoking
but he knows the spike is coming
and again his veins will fill with fire and
sexless sensual incoherence
Boy keeps falling
and falling
and falling
crash landing back to the solace of solitary grieving
and the inevitable euthanasia of narcotic nihilism
This tale has a beginning and an obvious end
and it’s the middle that is hard
Boy meets girl
boy gets crushed
boy falls and falls and falls into calamitous collapse
and to the untrained eye it’s more comedy than tragedy
more farce than drama
more over than eternity

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