You came to me as the executioner
axe gleaming in your beguiling smile
I could not see the danger through my dazzled eyes
neck stretched willing before you
unaware of the swing of the blade
yet even as it cut deep into flesh
and bone and nerveless love
I would stretch again for you
expose so fully to your burnished blade
as to be your sacrifice, prepared and even
enthusiastic to lay down my naked feelings
to your pleasure, and at your leisure
You came to me, I was strapped to the table
with the syringe in your hand
even as your body pressed against me
your chemical cocktail of dopamine and endorphins
hiding the poison you withheld for me
yet as it boiled my nerves and ripped
the blood from my still beating heart
I would gladly again take that venom
into my thirsty veins
and be again the lamb on your altar
forfeiting life for your demand

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