There is no meaning, no moral import or
justification for living. Bring in the bricks
one by one and hide untouchable
destitute in chitinous shell
disconsolate and incomplete
this carapace grows apace and shelters
the husk within, the vacuum expands
to the desert space
There is no breach in this barricade
façade that it might be
notwithstanding that you hold the key
and with a single shot from a cannon of words
could crumble the walls of this barren fortress
I am the king and emperor of this sterile citadel
detached and solitary
in the hermit gaze of the mirror
I am lord and master of my own
annihilation, the obliteration of
all perception or consciousness
unfeeling as the stones that built this
chill and unforgiving tower
abandoned ambition and demolished dream
fluttering lifeless as castoff banners
insignificant and futile in the dust outside
This fortress was built by your hand
behind these palisades I remain
hollow within as hollow without
none may knock this door nor cross this moat
the entryway is locked and you have
thrown away the key
the drawbridge has been raised
the portcullis dropped heavy to flagstone ground
ever locked away in astringent stasis
cold comfort, anaesthetized, benumbed
and vacant

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