I’m falling into depravity and despair
debris and detritus of the man you once loved
unable to endure this cacophonous calm
as hours pass to days pass to weeks pass to months
each an echo of love’s longing lost
emotions a taut skin of drumheads and burns
stretched tight over caverns of borrowed time
There is no beauty in this subterranean abyss
this Abaddon of remnant and ruin
just the crumbling citadel in collapse
Somnambulance stalks my waking hours
the dimness of the obscurity of vision
smothered by smog and soot
my broken body the pale reproduction
of damaged and suffering soul
I hold to the bleak optimism of desperation
Pandora did not release that final wraith
into this world, or any other
I have reached for far stars and new worlds
And found an endless infiltrating spiral
Into quantum despondency and dejection
This is the wistful scream ‘gainst rage and wrack
The final howl across worlds of desecration
I am dilapidated, destroyed, demolished, depleted
And still I venerate your name

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