The love song of the soon departed
the hastening of that love-drunk beat
lay down of foundation stone
facsimile of acrimonious bile
abode where none may yet abide
not while they draw that hallowed breath

With broken lungs and rasped breath
those visitations long departed
yet still long linger as they abide
to dance to syncopated beat
bodies sway while minds hold bile
and fall upon the sorrowed stone

Their flesh soft limbs will bruise the stone
their ragged broken final breath
with coughing lungs and mouth-filled bile
inspection done and now departed
with flailing wheels and switches beat
this torture theirs to now abide

If being maimed they can abide
and being dashed against the stone
perhaps we all deserve the beat
of broken heart and battered breath
until all souls become departed
in that fell swoop we drown in bile

Inner acid and vengeful bile
all form of torment we abide
until those lives we live, departed
fractured on the bitter stone
no more to be that holy breath
no signature to form the beat

Nobody here is left to beat
no bucket left to catch the bile
withered gaze and grated breath
and pain within which all abide
this then is the puzzle stone
guests are gone, be free, departed

And while this breath and final beat
begone departed midst bitter bile
none still abide on hollow stone

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