There is no good, no evil
no karmic retribution or heavenly reward
just this endless slide to chaos
a law of statistical mechanics writ large on
human existence
all meaning we assign, in desperation or hubris
ultimately unnoticed, unworthy, unimportant
at 2.73 degrees Kelvin. And falling
falling into the end of forever on scales we cannot
comprehend, as all movement ceases, and time ends
Nothing we do can matter in this infinite and
infinitesimal measure
Aleph-null and Aleph-one
aloof infinities in uncountable dispassion
all collapse as they expand and shiver in the frigid cold
until they cease to vibrate at all
I can hurl my cries to the stars, and as they wink and die
in that endless instant of cosmic time
they do not care in their detachment
and while we may be the stuff of stars, we too
drift into disarray and pandemonium
the stars, the planets, all manner of measureless things
They do not care for my entreaties
Any more than you do, my dear

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