11:15am. Drunk, wrecked, I’m an idea of a person, imagined poorly
a description of humanity without experience
draw a man, without ever having seen one
11:30am Slightly more wasted
a portrait of a man lost in momentary spaces
butchered lines on too-bright page
This is my legacy, despite my will
that exists to give you all
These are the cum-stained sheets where we lay
the violence of sex without the redemption
of love
This is my body failing
Those once intimate functions in decline
I’ve no place now for my hard cock or the loft of your sweetness
11:45am. Ruined by the callousness of your soul, I wander
I’m drunk, and stoned, and I can barely stand
and you don’t care, and I don’t care
12:01pm. This was nice. Some stupid rant at undying light
You inherit the earth.
Be well

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