There’s a hollow glaze in my eyes
sunk as shipwrecks in some far lost sea
and the captain of this craft has fled the scene
of devastation and shattered belief
love lies bleeding on the deck below
The daylight is worse than the night
with the harsh glare of the sun
on the splinters and wreckage of spars and sails
discarded ambition and damaged desires
love lies breaking on the deck below
This ocean teems with monstrous things
to torment and torture the hapless and bereft
taunts from venom dripped lips give gifts
of abandonment and abdication
love lies in pieces on the deck below
Hollow cheeked and starved of deliverance
this crumbled remnant no longer able
to navigate the treacherous expanse
of sharp-toothed rocks and crashing waves
love lies vacant on the deck below
The skipper departed in calamitous need
an abject defection in adversity’s face
a surrender to the desolation of that terrible tide
love lies dying on the deck below

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